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Nano-Metal Titanium Used In Many Food Items Including Gums And Candy... But Is It Safe?
Arsenic, Lead, Mercury - The Top 3 Heavy Metals Which Cause Us Disease & How
Could Heavy Metal Toxicity Be Causing You Fat Gain?
The Politics Of Poison - What You Need To Know About Arsenic
New Research Shows Fracking Releases Extensive Levels Of Heavy Metals, Other Pollutants Into Groundwater/Soil
Johannesburg's Toxic Goldscape: 6 BILLION Tons Of Leftover Heavy Metal 'Tailings,' Contaminants Litter The Desolate Land
Mercury Toxicity And How It Negatively Impacts Your Nervous System, Overall Health
LADIES BEWARE: Heavy Metal Toxicity From Common Beauty Makeup A Hidden Epidemic
IMPORTANT!!! USDA Certified Organic Foods NOT Tested For Heavy Metal Contamination... Could Be Toxic To Unsuspecting Public
GO GREEN? New Generation Of 3D Printers Shown To Contain/Leech Heavy Metals Such As Antimony, Etc.
Researchers Discover Bacteria That Can Be Used To Detoxify/Reduce Toxic Trivalent Chromium Levels In Contaminated Areas
Why BPA-Free Plastics Aren't Safe Either
Some Florida Beaches Being Discovered Contaminated With Toxic Arsenic
INFORMATIVE: Nigerian Health Ministry Sees The Light, To Phase Out Mercury Amalgam Dental Fillings Nationwide
New Research Discovers Plant Protein Transporter, OPT3, That Adsorbs/Binds Toxic Cadmium From Soil; Possible Application
WHO KNEW? 135 Space Shuttle Launches Over 30 Years Still Damaging Local Wildlife/Ecosystems Due To Massive Amounts Of Heavy Metal Laden Exhaust
Popular Eastern Dietary Mainstay Octupus Now Found To Contain 35X The "Safe" Level of Lead
New Nano-Metal 'Graphene" Coming To Market; What Are The Eco-Biological Implications?
Taiwan's Taoyuan County to begin cracking down on heavy metal water pollution
TEPCO Dumps ~600 Tons of Radioactive Waste Water Into Pacific Amid Highest Ever Radiation Levels
Ontario Power Co. To Intentionally Leak Radioactive Cesium-137 Waste from 20 Nuclear Reactors Into Ground Resivoirs Near Great Lake Pathway
Recent Research Validates Theory That Heavy Metal Toxicity Causes Neurological Disorders
Newly discovered metal-eating plant already endangered
Brazil court finds Big Pharma Eli Lilly over heavy metals poisoning
Greenpeace says heavy metals pollution makes China's 'cadmium rice' a huge problem
NASA spewed thousands of pounds of heavy metals into Florida wildlife areas
The trouble with rice
"Heavy metals" are chemical elements with a specific gravity at least 5 times that of water - could toxic "heavy metal food" be what's aging people faster than ever?
Tungsten poisoning from food - who knew? Could you be eating the same stuff that is in the "filament" of light bulbs?
Warning: Shellfish and kidney meats loaded with toxic heavy metal cadmium - Poison control informs with exposure protocol for preventing kidney disease
Lead Toxicity In Young Children Shown To Cause Behavioral/Emotional Problems, Large JAMA Study Reveals
How Heavy Metal Detoxification Could Help Prevent Heart Disease
Element 41 - Novel Metal Niobium Being Added To Steel Makes It Stronger, Lighter
5 Disheartening Facts To Know About Massachusetts Water Pollution (And Other States)
Ecuadorian Villagers Gaining Momentum In Court, Find Further Evidence Against Chevron's MASSIVE Pollution/Waste Dumping Conspiracy
Environmental Blow? North American Car Makers Setting Precedent Shift From Steel Framed Vehicles To Aluminum
OUTRAGE: Toxic, Mercury-laden 'Trash' Fish Species Now Being Served In School Cafeterias, Prisons, Federal Food Programs
Autism & Ionizing Radiation - Cesium, Strontium Implicated In ASD Pathology
Health/Safety Inspection Co. SGS Reveals Toxic Chemical Release of Heavy Metals from Common Metalware Into Foods
CAUTION: Common OTC Soil Fertilizers Still On Market Contain Toxic Mercury, Lead, Cadmium; Listed On Labels
DISGRACE: Veteran's Way Charitable Housing For War Veterans Found To Have Toxic Level Contamination of Heavy Metals, Banned Pesticides
Lead-Containing Ammunition Still Being Used, Attributed To Deaths of 10-20 MILLION Birds/Year From Leftover Shot
VITAL READ: New British Medical Research Explores In-Depth Hazards and Reality of Pervasive Heavy Metal Exposure
How Toxic Is Your Beauty Salon? A Few Scary Facts
Tap Water Jackpot - Gold Flakes Being Found In Tap Water In Whitehall, Montana; City Clueless On Cause
Booming Leather Industry's Use Of Toxic Aluminum, Hexavalent Chromium, Aldehyde Causing Massive Ecological Damage
NO SURPRISE: FDA To Not Require Petitioned Mercury Labeling on Contaminated Fish Varieties
33% of Randomly Tested Market Produce In Hong Kong Laced With High Levels of Cadmium, Mercury; Shitake Mushrooms Among Affected
VITAL: Radon - The Deadly Poison Likely In Your Home; How to Detect & What to Do
Leading Immunologists Warn of New Aluminum Adjuvant Spawned Post-Vaccine Syndrome Called "ASIA"
BACKLASH: Cobalt Poisoning of Patients With Defective J&J Hip Replacements, Internal Emails Prove They Knew Beforehand
Greenpeace Testing Confirms ~90% of Rice Samples Coming Out of Hunan Loaded with Cadmium
European court rules against Germany over heavy metals in toys
After 'cadmium rice,' now there are concerns about 'lead rice' and 'arsenic rice'
Flashback: China warns about toxic levels of cadmium in its rice products (from 2013)
Health Ranger interviews rice protein industry insider about heavy metals, clean materials and the future of the protein industry
The most common pain killer is a killer! Take a really close look at your medicine cabinet - maybe you should switch to an herbal cabinet now
Mental and nervous systems affected by heavy metal exposure in common foods - Health Ranger detects in lab with high powered microscope
Is your metabolism screwed up by heavy metal toxins in foods you consume every day? Acute intoxications damage your central nervous system
Is Mercury really still in vaccines? They lied to us! The shocking truth about what's really in vaccines, including MSG, Formaldehyde and Aluminum

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